Nike Kyrie 2 “Ky-Rispie Kreme” x Nike Kyrie Peace Bones T-Shirt



Copping Kyrie Irving’s tasty new kicks and need a tee to match? Take a look at this Nike Kyrie Peace Bones T-Shirt that hooks nicely with theĀ Nike Kyrie 2 “Ky-Rispie Kreme” color scheme.

Giving an allover nod to Kyrie’s jersey number 2 with a peace sign pulled from his Killer Crossover tee, this white and black version in the Peace Bones tee features just a touch of pink on the sleeve logo to match the Krispy Kreme colored Kyrie 2 sneakers that are available for a limited time on NIKEiD.

Take a closer look at both the sneakers and shirt below.


Nike Kyrie 2 “Ky-Rispie Kreme”BUY NOW


Nike Kyrie Peace Bones T-ShirtBUY NOW

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