Nike Kevin Durant T-Shirts to Match the Nike KD 8 “Triple Black”



Copping Kevin Durant’s all-black kicks? Need a few new tees to hook? Take a look at these five different Nike KD T-Shirts to match the Nike KD 8 “Triple Black” shoes.

For the perfect pairing, the Nike KD 8 “Triple Black” T-Shirt is styled to match the sneaker’s blackout colorway just right with a black on black color scheme that’s similar to the sneakers. Otherwise, if you’re looking to switch things up, there are white and grey options in the Nike KD Open T-Shirt, as well as white-based versions in the Nike KD Graphic and NSW tees for a lighter colored look to hook with the kicks.

Scroll down for a closer look at all five Nike KD T-Shirts below.


Nike KD 8 “Triple Black”BUY NOW


Nike KD 8 Triple Black T-ShirtBUY NOW


Nike KD Open T-Shirt – BUY NOW


Nike KD Open T-Shirt – BUY NOW


Nike KD NSW T-Shirt – BUY NOW


Nike KD Graphic T-Shirt – BUY NOW

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