Air Jordan 8 “Charcoal” Clothing to Match the Air Jordan 8 “Alternate”



After checking out some of the new black based gear to go with the Air Jordan 8 “Alternate” sneakers, here’s a look at some charcoal colored Air Jordan 8 clothing that’s also available to match the shoes.

Serving up matching fits from head to foot, included are the Jordan Retro 8 Brand and Elevated T-Shrts, as well as a matching colored Jordan Retro 8 long sleeve hooded top and some Air Jordan 8 socks to complete the look on foot.

Copped the kicks and need some clothing to hook? Check out the charcoal colored Jordan Retro 8 apparel range including tees, hoodie and socks below.


Jordan Retro 8 Brand T-ShirtBUY NOW


Jordan Retro 8 Elevated T-Shirt – BUY NOW


Jordan Retro 8 Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt – BUY NOW


Jordan Retro 8 SocksBUY NOW


Click here for more clothing to match the Air Jordan 8 “Alternate”.

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