Retro Kings Sneaker Tees to Match the Air Jordan 3 White Cement “Free Throw Line”



Retro Kings is ready for the Air Jordan 3 White Cement “Free Throw Line” release with this new collection of sneaker tees to match the limited edition kicks.

Inspired by the time when MJ flew from the free throw line during the 1988 Dunk Contest to secure the win, included in the collection are a few new sneaker match shirts to hook with the shoes, including the Retro Kings “Free Throw” Fifty, Mars, Trap 23 and Mission Control tees. Also available through the link below are the same four styles but as long sleeve crew neck sweatshirts to complement the kicks in the cold.

Click here to shop Retro Kings shirts to match the Jordan 3 “Free Throw Line”.

Air Jordan 3 “Free Throw Line” Sneaker Match Shirts


Retro Kings Fifty “Free Throw” 3 T-Shirt

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Retro Kings Mars “Free Throw” 3 T-Shirt

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Retro Kings Trap 23 “Free Throw” 3 T-Shirt

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Retro Kings Mission Control “Free Throw” 3 T-Shirt

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