Retro Kings Sneaker Tees to Match the Air Jordan 4 “Raptors”


Dropping in time for the Air Jordan 4 “Raptors” release are these new sneaker tees from Retro Kings to hook with the kicks. Inspired by the Toronto team’s uniforms with colors and graphics to match, included in the collection are the Retro Kings “Leatherface”, “Amazing” and “0 Friends” Jordan 4 sneaker match tees in black, purple and red just like the shoes. Take a look at all three sneaker tees from Retro kings below.

Click here to shop Retro Kings sneaker tees to match the Air Jordan 4 “Raptors”.


Retro Kings “0 Friends” T-Shirt

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Retro Kings “Amazing” T-Shirt

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Retro Kings “Leatherface” T-Shirt

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